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When Athletes PrayCharlotte D. Smith
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Dear God,

Thank You for the blessed opportunity to speak with You. Prayer is simply communication with You, the Divine Creator. My heart’s desire is to seek You always in prayer first. You said in Your Word that Your thoughts are not my thoughts, and that Your ways are higher than mine. I want to live a life completely surrendered to Your will so that Your thoughts and ways are my thoughts and ways. I thank You for the gifts, talents, and abilities that You've blessed me with. Help me to honor them by honoring You in all that I say and do. I know that prayer is essential to my existence as a believer. Prayer strengthens me. It strengthens our relationship. Continue to be with me and create a hunger and thirst to seek You daily through prayer and the reading of Your Word. Keep me ever mindful of my greatest purpose in sport, and that is to glorify You with my gifts. Amen.

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