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When Coaches Pray

A sports devotional written by Charlotte Smith, a former All-American and two-time All-ACC player who made the game-winning shot in the 1994 NCAA Championship that gave North Carolina its first and only title. Smith, who won an ESPN ESPY for Best Female College Basketball Player in 1995, also starred in the ABL and WNBA for 10 years and was an assistant coach at North Carolina for 9 seasons before taking the head women's basketball coaching position in 2011 at Elon University, an NCAA Division I school in North Carolina. Smith, who knows the struggles of players, coaches and people in general, shares stories on and off the court in a devotional format that will help coaches grow in their walk with Christ and also give coaches material to share with their team to help them grow, as well.


When Athletes Pray

The life of an athlete is filled with euphoric highs and discouraging lows. It is necessary to have a stabilizing force to help you navigate through this life of tumults. Prayer is that stabilizing force as it connects you to your Divine Creator. Staying in constant communion with the Architect of your life reminds you of your position and purpose for which you were created. You are sons and daughters first and foremost, and you were created to bring God glory through your sport. In a world where applause and accolades are the centerpieces of success, it is important to have a constant reminder of your greater purpose. When Athletes Pray is a compilation of devotionals that walk you through life experiences as an athlete. You will be encouraged by the authentic transparency of these experiences and find joy in your journey as an athlete. When athletes pray, their lives are forever changed.

When We Pray Bundle

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